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The Best God Has to Offer

As a high school student in Houston, Texas during the hippie and Vietnam era I started to consider a lot about the meaning and purpose of life. “Why am I here on this earth?” “What is the goal of my human living?” “What is life really all about?” These were the questions that were going through my mind. Although I had a good family, nice friends and a basically normal life, I felt an emptiness deep within my being that nothing could fill. If I am going to live, I said to myself, then I must have the best that life has to offer. But as to what was the best, I did not know.

One day as a freshman at the University of Houston campus, I picked up a piece of literature laying on a table in the student union. It was a tract telling how Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and how He is changing people’s lives. It quoted verses from the Bible about Jesus being the light of the world, the bread of life, the way, the truth, and the life. After reading that tract, I opened up my heart to Jesus and let Him into my life. Jesus came into me and my life was changed.

I started to pursue Jesus in Christian fellowship on the college campus and attended every kind of Christian meeting I could find. I was looking for Christ but all I found were doctrines, teachings, rituals, and ceremonies. Not only that, but I could not figure out why Christians would divide themselves from each other if there was only one God. I prayed to God to show me what He was doing on the earth today, because I wanted to be in His eternal purpose.

Two weeks after that prayer I encountered some Christians on the campus who met with the local church. These Christians were enjoying Jesus in their daily lives. They expressed genuine Christian unity. They simply met as the church in Houston. These Christians also enjoyed the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. The focus of the writings was on enjoying this wonderful Person of Jesus daily with other believers. This ministry opened the Bible to me, to reveal how wonderful Christ is and how great is His purpose. In listening to and reading this ministry for 20 years I have gained Christ, known Christ, enjoyed Christ, and have been built up in the Body of Christ. This has given real meaning to my human life and I feel it is God’s best for me.


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