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Drinking at the Fountain of Life

As a youngster I was taught to believe that Jesus is the Lord. As teenagers a good number of us became Christians according to the tradition. At thirty years of age my life was quite good. With my wife and our baby son, a new house and good money, we were enjoying life. Yet I expected something further.

I became involved in some business with a Christian who encouraged me to believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved. After some days, as he read to me from the gospel according to John, I believed the Word and Jesus came into my heart. Indeed I was regenerated within my being and stirred up to seek Him out and to know Him. I began to read the Bible, pray, listen to Christian radio and television programs and attend meetings with many different groups—both Protestant and Catholic. However, within a year’s time I was becoming empty. I prayed to the Lord that I could not remain in this kind of way and that He would bring me to find Him.

Then one Friday evening I walked into a meeting of the church in Austin. The sign outside said “Christ is Life”. The Christians there showed me that I can exercise my spirit, call upon the name of the Lord, read the words of the Bible prayerfully, and enjoy God. Today I meet with the church in Corpus Christi.

Richard Dixon

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